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moontiger5's Journal

6 December
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I am a woman, in my mid-thirties, brunette, green-eyed, petite. I have a daughter. I am a biologist. I am an ailurophile, herpetophile, and general zoophile, passionately so, to the point of eccentricity and beyond. I am a rabid bibliophile, a book leech rather than a bookworm, for the latter come and go, while I am extremely difficult to pry off. I am drawn to science-fiction, fantasy, horror and graphic novels. I am something of a chocoholic, adore mint, keep a vegetarian diet. I write poetry and babble uncontrollably. I constantly venture from my comfort zone into the maw of Darkness and have found wisdom and nourishment there. I can touch my nose with my big toes. I love classical music and tribal dance. I enjoy sarcasm and maple syrup. I am the human of two rescued black cats, Anakin and Macbeth. I will gladly share a cup of tea anytime. I am Cindy.

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